Frequently Asked Question:

Are you considering therapy but feel unsure if it is right for you? Here are a few answers to some questions you may be asking.

What can I bring to therapy?

Abuse, addiction, anxiety, bereavement, depression, loss and grief, relationships, trauma and work related issues are examples of what my clients have brought to therapy. If you have a lot of things going on, that’s ok too as I will help you to clarify what to focus on and regularly review this together. Other aspects I can help you to look at are, making a change, dealing with difficult decisions or focusing on your future goals and aspirations.

What can I expect from counselling and psychotherapy?

Therapy is a process that takes place within the ‘therapeutic’ relationship and between each session. As your therapist I offer you my full attention and non judgmental approach enabling you to freely explore your concerns in a safe and uninterrupted space. My aim is to help you to build your own resourcefulness, to explore new perspectives, access tools to support you and consider the physical, emotional and behavioral aspects of your well being.

What can be achieved through attending therapy?

Clients say that therapy helps them gain a better understanding of their problem and how it is impacting on them. Once you have gained a greater insight into your needs, we will consider how to improve your situation and develop your own personal coping strategies and techniques. Counselling and psychotherapy is not a miraculous cure, but a pathway to change.

What type of therapy is on offer?

I am an integrative therapist who works based on the specific needs of my clients. The theories used to support my work are based on belief in human potential and ability to change given the right environment. At On the Couch I use my life experience, education and understand-ing of therapy to help inspire and inform our work.

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